Case Study:

AI-Powered Video Archival System Revolutionizes Legislative Assembly Efficiency


In the fast-paced world of government legislation, quick access to accurate information is crucial for informed decision-making and efficient operations. However, the state legislative assembly found itself grappling with a cumbersome and outdated video archival system. The existing process required staff members to manually sift through countless hours of session recordings to locate specific discussions, leading to significant delays and potential errors.

SBL, a renowned provider of innovative technology solutions, stepped up to the task. With a deep understanding of the assembly’s unique needs and a wealth of experience in developing AI-powered applications, SBL Technologies set out to transform the legislative assembly’s video archival system into a model of efficiency and accessibility.



Who we worked with:

A state legislative assembly


What the customer needed:

  • To improve efficiency in their video archival system.
  • To reduce manual labour and errors in locating relevant discussions.
  • To enable quick access to past records for decision-making and legislative reporting.


How we helped:

  • Developed an advanced AI-powered application to revolutionize the assembly’s archival system.
  • Implemented automated video tagging and indexing using AI for accurate and consistent keyword tagging.
  • Employed AI algorithms for speech-to-text conversion, enabling text-based searching.
  • Created a feature for automated generation of concise meeting notes.



Inefficient manual processes hinder access to crucial legislative information

The state legislative assembly faced significant challenges with their existing video archival system. Staff members were required to manually search through vast amounts of video footage to locate relevant discussions. This process was not only time-consuming but also susceptible to human error. As a result, the assembly struggled to quickly access and utilize past records, which negatively impacted their decision-making processes and legislative reporting capabilities.





To address these challenges, SBL Technologies developed an advanced AI-powered application designed to revolutionize the assembly’s archival system.

The solution focused on three main areas:

Video Tagging and Indexing: By leveraging AI technology, the application automatically tagged each video with relevant keywords and indexed them based on the content of the discussions. This process ensured accuracy and consistency in the tagging process.

Speech-to-Text Conversion: To enable text-based searching, AI algorithms were utilized to transcribe audio from the videos. This feature allowed staff to quickly locate discussions by searching for specific keywords or topics.

Automated Note Generation: Once relevant videos were identified, the system automatically generated concise meeting notes. These notes could then be reviewed and refined by staff members, saving them valuable time.





Efficiency: The time required to locate and review videos was reduced by over 75%, drastically improving the information retrieval process.

Accuracy: By automating the tagging and indexing process, human error was minimized, ensuring that staff could rely on the system to find accurate and relevant information.

Accessibility: Meeting notes and transcriptions became easily accessible and shareable among assembly members, promoting better communication and collaboration.

Scalability: The system was designed to handle increasing amounts of video data as new legislative sessions were conducted, ensuring long-term usability.



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