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Data Annotation Services

We deliver precise annotations and perfect labels for superior model learning that serves as the baseline for your extraordinary AI solution.

Video annotation

Annotation & Labeling

As businesses rapidly adopt AI-driven innovation, it is often a challenge to recognize high-ROI use cases and be equipped with enough know-how to make the right choices to implement AI at scale. The deep and broad portfolio of services from SBL in data annotation extends from extensive text, video, and image to audio annotations, all skillfully tailored to businesses in general and those in diverse industry verticals.

Whether it’s Bounding Box Annotation, Polygon Annotation, Sentiment Analysis, or Text Categorization, our technology-agnostic solutions are drafted in a way that aligns with your business objectives, ensuring trustworthy and bias-free data. With more than two decades of experience working with Fortune 1000 companies, our global team of specialists is on call to help place AI at the center of your organization so that you can drive growth and deliver outcomes at speed.

Accurate Object detection through Annotation

Accurate Object detection through Annotation

Understand how annotation can improve the accuracy of object detection in your autonomous vehicle projects.

Our data annotation capabilities

The accuracy of each AI solution depends on the dataset on which it is trained. If you need experienced hands to evaluate, annotate, and label your datasets for quality training, read through our services.

LiDAR Annotation

LiDAR Annotation

With our decades of experience in analyzing and annotating LiDAR point cloud data and converting thousands of data points into meaningful information, we understand which automation process would best match your needs.

Image Annotation

Unlock AI driven insights with accurate datasets curated with precise image annotations for object detection, object tracking, segmentation and classification. This includes features like bounding boxes, polygons and landmark annotation, managed by experienced annotators.

Video Annotation

Depending on your diverse computer vision requirements, we can annotate key frames or enable object tracking and temporal consistency for video synthesis, video prediction or video-to-video translation.
Audio annotation

Audio annotation

Take your AI solutions to the next level of speech and sound understanding with expert audio annotation services for Speaker diarization, Sentiment analysis and conversion categorization.
Text Annotation

Text Annotation

Train your AI and make its conversations more human alike by improving its data accuracy with precise text annotation for NER, sentiment analysis and text categorization.

Your Data, Secured & Understood

Diversity in annotations
Domain experts from various industries

SBL’s experience working with companies of all sizes across various industries allows us to customize annotation solutions to your specific needs. This ensures essential training and execution for tasks like object detection, sentiment analysis or action recognition.

Highly Experienced & Scalable
Trained professional annotators

SBL’s proven capability of scaling resources allows us to efficiently assign experienced annotators to your computer vision or machine learning projects. This flexibility can help us meet your project timeline and adjust to changing annotation and labeling needs.

ISO 27001 & privacy compliant
Secured facilities with complete supervision

We prioritize data security and privacy. Our annotation solutions are implemented in secure operation centers that adhere to industry best practices. We are also committed to data privacy compliance and follow all relevant regulations.

Accurate & Unbiased
Reduced bias in results

Our global workforce allows us to incorporate diverse perspectives, which helps mitigate bias in training data. We then combine this approach with stringent quality control measures to ensure the accuracy of each machine learning project.

Boost Your AI Success: Free 30-Minute Data Annotation Strategy Session

Our AI specialists will show you how strategic data annotation can improve your model Accuracy, development Speed and business Insights.

Solutions for Annotation

Enhanced Document Data Extraction

Enhanced Document Data Extraction

With human in the loop annotation approach, we make models capable of extracting data from various documents. We label key information, which the AI uses for learning and refining its extraction capabilities and improving efficiency.
Enhanced Speech Recognition with Audio Annotation

Enhanced Speech Recognition with Audio Annotation

We analyse different speech elements within audios such as words, phrases, noise and annotate audio so AI can learn and adapt itself to diverse speech patterns including accents and background noise.
Sports Performance Analysis

Sports Performance Analysis

For optimizing the performance of sports teams, we annotate and label the key body points in motion capture footage. This data helps AI systems to learn player movements and provide coaches insights and recommendations.
Optimized learning of Self-Driving Cars

Optimized learning of Self-Driving Cars

We perform image annotations on raw datasets with diverse driving scenarios that enables the AI to learn recognizing objects on the street like cars, pedestrians and traffic lights with perfection.
Medical Diagnostics with Multimodal Annotation

Medical Diagnostics with Multimodal Annotation

We use multimodal annotation to train AI systems for detecting diseases. We annotate the x-ray, MRI and Ultrasound images and then label the corresponding text findings.
Elevated Customer Service with Audio Annotation

Elevated Customer Service with Audio Annotation

We annotate the audio captured from customer calls and label sentiments categorized as positive, negative and neutral. This solution can be used by AI systems to develop the ability to generate more appropriate responses.


Satisfied Clients
0.2 Million
Customer Portfolios Optimized

Our innovative AI case and portfolio management platform supports 200,000 UK individuals with sophisticated case handling, AI-driven relationship and data mapping, smart alerts, and enhanced report visualization.

18 Million
Customers Benefit from AI-Enhanced Data
We’ve delivered AI enhancements for a leading global publisher, implementing predictive analytics, an intelligent character recognition engine, and a computer vision record system, boosting conversions by 15% and slashing resource costs by 60%.
Annual Savings Through Digital Transformation
We’ve delivered AI enhancements for a leading global publisher, implementing predictive analytics, an intelligent character recognition engine, and a computer vision record system, boosting conversions by 15% and slashing resource costs by 60%.
Quicker Real-Time Visual Data Processing
We’ve transformed digital repositories, containing over a million videos and live sessions, into accessible textual data for efficient ingestion and analysis, markedly speeding up data processing.

What We Think

Frequently Asked Questions

Data annotation is the process of labeling data (text, images, audio, etc.) with relevant information. This labelled data is crucial for training AI models. It helps the AI “understand” the data and learn to identify patterns and relationships. Without annotated data, AI models wouldn’t be able to perform tasks like recognizing objects in images, translating languages, or understanding human speech.

Practically any kind of data can be annotated!

Here are some common examples:

  • Images: Labeling objects, scenes, or activities in pictures. (e.g., a car, a traffic light, a busy intersection)
  • Text: Categorizing sentiment (positive, negative, neutral), identifying entities (people, locations, organizations), or extracting specific information (dates, names, product details).
  • Audio: Transcribing speech, classifying emotions (happy, angry, sad), or identifying background noise.
  • Video: Labeling objects and actions in video footage, tracking movement, or creating 3D models.

Data annotation is typically performed by human annotators who follow specific guidelines. There are also specialized annotation tools available to streamline the process.

While AI can be used to assist with some aspects of data annotation,
it’s not yet reliable enough to do it entirely on its own. Human expertise is still essential for ensuring accuracy and consistency in the annotations.

Many companies offer data annotation services. Look for those with experience in your specific industry and data type. They should be able to provide high-quality, accurate annotations that meet your project requirements.