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Genealogy Research

Uncover your family history with pinpoint accuracy. Employ a custom approach to explore your ancestry and elevate your genealogical research using advanced AI and data analytics.

Enlighten Your Genealogical Research with Smart Data Insights

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions redefine how genealogy meets the needs of enthusiasts and researchers. Experience how advanced AI technology for genealogy can transform research into a more insightful and efficient practice.

Our Genealogy AI Solutions Expertise

As leaders in developing genealogy AI tools, we are fully equipped to manage the entire lifecycle of genealogy AI solutions, from consultation through ongoing support and growth.

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Gain access to powerful AI tools including handwritten recognition systems and AI-based genealogy record mapping solutions that simplify the complexities of exploring your family trees, moving your genealogical research forward.

We have tailor-made AI applications for you; from intricate lineage tracing to automated record matching—all designed with the needs of genealogy enthusiasts in mind.

We integrate AI into your genealogy databases to effectively support continuous data analysis and record enhancements.

Rest assured of unwavering support and guaranteed adherence to the latest standards in genealogy research, ensuring your systems will maintain peak performance.

We invite you to join us in redefining genealogy—one where AI is applied not only to modernize databases but also to make understanding and discovery more enriching and insightful.

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Solutions for genealogy

AI for tracing family history

AI for tracing family history

55% more accurate family tree connections

Effortlessly trace your family lineage with our sophisticated AI-driven solutions.
Entity Recognition and Record Linkage with AI

Entity Recognition and Record Linkage with AI

30% improvement in record accuracy

Our comprehensive suite, equipped with LLMs and AI algorithms, analyzes and links historical records, delivering not only higher accuracy but also deeper insights into genealogical research.
AI Powered Genealogy research Assistant

AI Powered Genealogy research Assistant

80% improvement in discovery rate

Our technology utilizes deep-learning algorithms to sift through large databases, uncovering complex family ties and significantly enhancing the rate of discovery in genealogical research.
AI powered Handwritten Recognition

AI powered Handwritten Recognition

70% accuracy in character recognition

Identify complex handwritten text from genealogy documents, which will significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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