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Healthcare | AI Solutions

AI Medical Imaging Diagnosis

Elevate Diagnostic Precision and Speed with AI-Powered Imaging

Revolutionize Diagnostics with AI-Powered Medical Imaging from SBL

SBL offers healthcare professionals advanced AI solutions for medical imaging diagnosis. Integrate our AI into your workflows or use them as standalone tools. We enhance diagnostic accuracy, speed up decision-making and improve patient outcomes with data-driven insights. Experience precision medicine’s new era with SBL.

Features of the Solution

Comprehensive Image Upload and Management

With the SBL medical imaging diagnosis solution, you could effortlessly centralize the entire healthcare image library. Upload X-rays, MRIs, CT and more in a straightforward and secure way to store and organize these files. We support many different image formats and our robust cloud storage ensures complete privacy and safety for your patient data.

xray medical imaging diagnosis

We easily accommodate all mainstream medical image formats, including DICOM that can easily integrate with your current systems without a hassle.

Organize and categorize medical images intuitively within our easily usable user interface. Search and filter for required images quickly with powerful search and filtering tools.

Be at peace that your patient data is well taken care of by the robust cloud storage from SBL in conformity with security and privacy standards.

Our AI algorithms run in the background and try to spot possible abnormalities in your images. They then alert you on reviewing these regions deeper for further investigation.

You will receive complete reports, including summarized results with visual overlays where potential issues are highlighted for better communication with patients and colleagues.

Access computer assisted lists of potential diagnosis provided by analyzing images, saving you time while improving diagnostic accuracy.

AI-Powered Diagnostic Insights

SBL’s AI algorithms act as your vigilant assistant and automatically scrutinize your medical images to catch any abnormality, however subtle. What you will be given in return is a detailed report with neat findings and visual overlays pinpointing potential areas of concern. Besides, our solution can be used to assist you in carrying out differential diagnoses so that you can examine possible diagnoses and then reach a conclusion quickly. 

Medical Imaging diagnosis AI

Advanced Clinical Decision Support

Equip clinical decision-making with the most advanced tools provided by SBL. Measure the size of your lesions and tumors accurately, follow your treatment plan and use our artificial intelligence powered insights as an invaluable second opinion. SBL gives you all the information you need to increase your workflow efficiency and deliver the best possible care to your patients.

Ai workflow management healthcare

Go beyond visual assessments with precise measurements of lesions, tumours and the other anatomical structures. Track the changes over time to monitor treatment effectiveness.

Easily compare images taken at different time to assess how a patient is responding to treatment, allowing for more personalized and effective care.

Get a virtual second opinion with our AI powered insights, thus gaining confidence in your diagnosis and exploring some alternate perspectives.

SBL’s healthcare solution integrates into your present PACS with ease of transition, thus reducing disruption to your workflow.

Share images and reports among your colleagues for easier collaboration and consultation. Improve communication and streamline the decision making.

Broaden your learning with our resources. Learn about the latest advances in AI for medical imaging and how to interpret AI generated findings?

Seamless Workflow Integration

SBL’s medical imaging solution interfaces seamlessly with your medical environment. You can connect seamlessly to your PACS and access the images and reports. Enjoy full collaboration with your peers as you and your team members tap into our library of educational material to stay informed about AI generated findings and how to implement them.

AI clinical decision support

Schedule a 30 min call today.

Discuss with us today to understand how our medical imaging diagnosis solution could benefit your specific use-case.

Benefits of the solution

Empower your healthcare with SBL’s AI powered medical imaging solution. Get fast and accurate diagnosis with streamlined workflows and better outcomes, cutting costs and by improving patient satisfaction.

Our AI works quietly in the background studying images and flagging potential issues, so you can focus on those cases that really deserve your attention. See more patients, conduct research or have a more relaxed day. And with our AI powered second opinions, you will find support where it counts the most.

Get the answers you need faster. SBL’s AI analyzes medical images quickly and accurately, delivering clear and concise reports that enable confident decision making. It provides seamless collaboration options for you to discuss with your colleagues, ensuring they are on the same page.

We know your health is the most important thing, so we use AI to quicken the diagnosing process and get you answers pronto. The solution helps your doctors prescribe a personalized treatment plan. The solution also provides a detailed explanation regarding your condition and the type of treatment that you may receive. Every decision made by the doctor is always based on complete information about your health avoiding ambiguity. 

SBL renders your organization more productive and cost effective by automatically performing time consuming jobs such as image analysis and report generation. In this way, the healthcare professionals are left with productive time to be used for meeting other essential responsibilities. And with improved turnarounds and accuracy, we can improve patient care without raising costs. Furthermore, the implementation of our technology places you at the forefront with an excellent reputation for innovative leadership.


Satisfied Clients
Increased Radiologist Efficiency

Empower your radiologists to focus on complex cases, reducing burnout and improving job satisfaction.

Improved Diagnostic Accuracy

Detect subtle abnormalities and reduce misdiagnoses for improved patient outcomes.

Faster Report Turnaround Time

Deliver critical diagnostic information to referring physicians more quickly, enabling faster treatment decisions.

Reduced Operational Costs

Optimize resource utilization and streamline workflows for significant cost savings in your radiology department.

Integration & Implementation

Effortlessly incorporate SBL’s AI capabilities into your existing Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). Streamline image access, analysis, and reporting for a unified workflow.

Choose the AI features that best suit your needs. Integrate individual modules like automated lesion detection, quantitative analysis, or report generation to enhance specific aspects of your diagnostic process.

Collaborate with our team to develop bespoke AI solutions tailored to your unique clinical requirements. We can create specialized algorithms to address specific diagnostic challenges or workflow bottlenecks.

If you don’t have an existing PACS or prefer a dedicated solution, access SBL’s comprehensive AI platform as a standalone system. This provides a user-friendly interface for image upload, analysis, and report generation.

Choose the deployment option that best suits your infrastructure and preferences. Whether you prefer the control of an on-premises installation or the flexibility of a cloud-based solution, SBL can accommodate your needs.

Our dedicated team will guide you through every step of the integration and implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal utilization of our AI-powered medical imaging tools.

Seamlessly incorporate SBL’s medical imaging diagnosis solution into your existing workflow or leverage our standalone platform. Choose the deployment option that best suits your needs, with the flexibility to customize AI modules or develop bespoke solutions tailored to your unique requirements.


working with SBL
Medical Imaging AI Expertise

Our team consists of leading researchers and engineers specializing in AI for medical imaging analysis. This ensures you receive the most advanced and reliable diagnostic tools.

Seamless Integration

SBL’s solutions are designed to integrate smoothly into your existing healthcare infrastructure, whether it’s your PACS, EHR, or other systems.

Customization for Your Needs

We understand that every healthcare facility is unique. That’s why we offer tailored solutions that meet your specific clinical requirements and workflows.

Data Security and Privacy

Your patients’ data is our top priority. We adhere to the strictest security protocols and comply with all relevant regulations, including HIPAA, to safeguard sensitive information.

Cloud-Based Scalability

Our cloud-based platform allows you to scale your AI capabilities as your needs grow, without the need for expensive hardware investments.

Ongoing Support and Training

We provide comprehensive support and training to ensure your staff can maximize the benefits of our AI-powered tools and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements.

What We Think

Frequently Asked Questions

SBL AI models are trained with vast datasets of medical images, learning patterns of subtle anomalies that mostly escape the human eye. This substantially cuts down missed diagnoses, false positives and false negative rates.

No, it is built as a tool for radiologists and not to replace them in their jobs. It is the most potent available soution for valuable insights and expediting workflows, eventually returning more time to radiologists in focusing on critical cases and care for their patients.

Data security is taken very seriously at SBL and the platform adheres to the strictest privacy regulations, like HIPAA. All your patient data will be de-identified and encrypted, guaranteeing confidentiality and protection.

This will for sure be the case because AI models coming out of SBL are all trained on very heterogeneous data sets, inclusive of rare cases, making them well-equipped to pick up those unusual diseases and variations that so often elude human interpretation.

Our AI platform seamlessly integrates with many imaging modalities that can analyze and interpret any images while offering total insight into various diagnostic procedures.

Yes, SBL’s AI model is on the brink of triaging cases with critical findings so that patients with severe needs are taken care of and treated on time.

Of course, automatically measuring lesions, tumors, organ volumes and other anatomical structures are measured through our AI models to provide objective data on diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring.

Super-fast, the AI from SBL often returns the analysis with preliminary findings within minutes and occasionally even seconds, depending on the complexity of the image.

We design the solutions for easy integration with any healthcare systems, including PACS and EHRs, so that the transitions are seamless and do not impact your workflow much.

Do get in touch with us for a personalized consultation. We’ll understand what you need to personalize our talk and help you find the right AI solution for optimizing your medical imaging workflow and improving patient care.