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We believe that Artificial Intelligence holds the key to transforming diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness. Unlock a healthier future with our cutting-edge AI solutions to see how we can address society’s dynamic health needs and promote better well-being for all.

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As a leader in AI-driven healthcare innovation, SBL is equipped to manage the entire lifecycle of healthcare AI solution development, from initial consultancy to ongoing support and evolution.
Healthcare AI Solutions
Navigate the complexities of healthcare with our strategic AI consultancy, designed to help organizations adhere to regulations and elevate patient care.
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Advanced AI Medical Imaging Diagnostics

Advanced AI Medical Imaging Diagnostics

20% faster diagnosis

Utilizing AI, we expedite and refine the diagnosis of diseases through detailed analysis of medical images such as X-rays and MRIs.
Innovative Cervical Cancer  Analysis with AI

Innovative Cervical Cancer Analysis with AI

30% improvement in diagnostic accuracy

Our integration of LLMs and AI algorithms provides a comprehensive suite for analyzing patient data, from image interpretation to risk stratification, improving cervical cancer care.
AI-Powered Diabetic Retinopathy Detection

AI-Powered Diabetic Retinopathy Detection

35% Detection Accuracy Achieved

Our solution employs deep-learning algorithms to scan the images, identify sensitive changes, and the patterns of the eye to ensure an earlier-enough diagnosis for improved patient outcomes in diabetic eye care.

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